2019 - 2022
a wall is no barrier - house_garden_house_garden = 'gardenhouse' - 'hangar' = house to hang around - gardenrooms - different views, different games - hide & seek & play
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Wachtebeke, Belgium
2018 - 2020
the worker has left the building - project ‘veranda’ - timber frame wrapped in glass - transition in space _ transition of experience - room with a view _ room in a view
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a project by Caroline Lambrechts and Machteld D'Hollander
Ghent, Belgium 2014 - 2018
interbellum house - turned inside-out: brick in, plaster out let’s play with the bpa - 3 adhered houses - one skin - high to low - light is everywhere - split levels - views are everywhere - why stand if you can hang
033 woning Gent
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a project by Caroline Lambrechts and Machteld D'Hollander
Bazel, Belgium 2016 - 2018
modernistic doctor’s home becomes bed and breakfast - ‘we like your personality’: new and old _ similarities but very different - wall becomes wooden slab - 3 new elements: a staircase, a terrace and a round balustrade _ AND a tiny house - ‘take shelter’: a canopy like a tree branch - in between village and natural reserve
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house for a friend

Assels, Ghent, Belgium
2021 -
who wants dry feet - a friend - a house with endless possibilities - more space then rooms - nevertheless a room with a view
IMG 1695
IMG 1695IMG 1684IMG 1695IMG 1681
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Jeanne d.

Ault, France
2021 -
the old house and the see - a castle - more like a shelter - a story to be told
IMG 0076
IMG 0076
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Kortrijk, Belgium
2018 -
‘a man needs a shed’ - warehouse becomes garden - a kitchen in the garden - the rythm of the steel warehouse - trusses translated into wood
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Lokeren, Belgium
2019 -
a shed - ‘the surroundings are too beautiful to block the view!’ ‘let’s build half a building’ _ AND an old barn, slow as a tortoise - shelter for people and a food truck - and also: there will be light!
IMG 6976 copy
IMG 6976 copyIMG 8703IMG 6976 copy
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Amersfoort, The Netherlands
competition proposal 2016
we commemorate the past - let’s look forward to the future - we’ll meet, we’ll play, we’ll see
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